Pediatric Dentistry


We know the families in our Greeley community well. One of the most important things to parents in our area is making sure their children grow up happy and healthy.

Having a comfortable smile is a big part of enjoying life!

At Greeley Dental Care, our entire team loves welcoming children to our dental office and enjoys working with parents to educate and interest kids in good oral health.


As soon as you see their first tooth, it’s time to bring them to see Dr. Dhoon. This provides parents in our practice with the convenience they truly appreciate.

Dr. Dhoon’s son, Connor, needed his first dental procedure to correct a severe tongue-tie at the age of only four days old! Dr. Dhoon enjoys seeing the children in his practice develop a love of dentistry.

We take the time to make sure that they understand what to expect, help them with brushing and flossing, and provide preventive dentistry to keep their growing smiles healthy.



The most common preventable childhood disease is dental decay. Our Greeley dental team works with parents to create a home care routine that supports a cavity-free smile! We also take bitewing x-rays, and Dr. Dhoon will discuss any areas that need improved brushing at home. Another important aspect of your child’s dental exam is to make sure his or her growth and development is on track. Dr. Dhoon will go over any situations that might require early intervention orthodontics, which reduces treatment times later and improves results in the future. He will also evaluate their airways because even mild breathing obstructions are related to bedwetting and ADHD.


A dental cleaning removes tartar and bacteria that collect between appointments. Even when you brush and floss your child’s teeth regularly, tartar can still collect in the easy-to-miss spaces between teeth and at the gumline. We remove it gently and thoroughly to protect their teeth and gums. Your child’s regular dental cleaning is a great time to apply fluoride varnish to give an added layer of protection when fighting childhood cavities. Dr. Dhoon also recommends dental sealants in cases where kids are prone to decay or have deep grooves in their teeth that easily collect food debris. He will do everything he can to prevent them from needing significant dental work as adults.


The way we care for your child will change as they grow. Just like the care we provide for adults, we customize our children’s dentistry based on the needs of your child. We help children and teens learn how to take care of their own teeth and teach the importance of a healthy smile. We’re excited to welcome your family to Greeley Dental Care so give us a call today! We know your child’s smile is important, and we will work with you to make sure that they have a positive and relaxing experience while they are with us.

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