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Why to Choose Dental Implants?

Here at Greeley Dental Care, we often come across people who hesitate about going for dental implants. The primary reason behind this is the cost of implants which is pretty much more if compared with the other teeth replacement options such as dentures and bridges. But, going through the advantages of dental implants provided in this blog will help you to get a clear understanding of why spending on this product is worth it.  Dental implants are considered to be one of the boons of modern dentistry. But are you aware of what they actually are? Dental implants can be defined as the replacement teeth roots which are inserted into the jawbone for providing proper support and stability to the artificial crown or any other prosthesis. Some of the benefits of dental implants are:

  • The implants are designed in a way to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. They are very comfortable to carry and never lessens the beauty of your smile.
  • Dental implants are very durable unlike most of the other teeth replacement options.
  • Implants will help you to achieve great results in a relatively less span of time. You should just be careful in getting the implant treatment done at a reliable clinic.
  • Dental implants also help to preserve your jawbone and eliminate the chances of bone resorption.
  • It has been seen that usage of dentures can affect the speech of a person. This is never the case with dental implants. On the contrary, getting implants can improve the quality of your speech and also help you to chew better.

Now let us talk about the misconception of dental implants being costly. The price of implants can look like a lot in the beginning but it can turn out to be the most economical choice in the long run. Are you wondering why? The other teeth replacement options such as dentures and bridges need to be repaired or replaced after of span of 5-10 years. Whereas, dental implants are very durable and can last for a lifetime if maintained properly. The frequent task of repair and replacement cannot be executed without spending money. If you add the total amount of money spends on these activities, the sum will definitely surpass the price of implants. So why will you compromise with the quality of the overall cost of other options is more than that of implants? The simple answer is “you should not”. Go for dental implants over any other option as it will pay you back with excellent benefits. The cost of dental implants is variable and generally depends on the requirements of the patient. Some of the factors which determine the price to be paid are – the cost of living in the area where the dental clinic is located, the products used, the fee charged by the dentist, etc. Keeping all such factors under consideration, the cost of getting one dental implant is somewhere around $1500 to $2000 or more. The amount goes higher if the number of implants needed to resolve the situation is more than one. Some of the additional costs related to implants treatment are – the price of the crown, the price of the abutment, the money spent in booking appointments at the dental clinic, the special care to be taken before and after the surgery, etc. Adding all the mentioned costs will give you a figure of  $3000 – $4800 or more which is to be spent for one implant. Never let your forehead frown by looking at the cost as nowadays you can get covered by dental insurances. Also, every penny invested in dental implants is worth it. So why wait anymore? Stop suffering from the problems of missing teeth and undergo implant treatment today. If you are looking for the best dental implant in Greeley CO, contact Greeley Dental care today. We offer a wide variety of dental treatments that will help you to meet all oral needs. Book your appointment today. Thank you.