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    Dr. Robert Marin is a proud, native Coloradan and local graduate of Greeley Central High School. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from Colorado State University. He then went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine.

    Dr. Marin strives to make each patient’s Dental experience a positive one. He is always eager to answer any and all questions and to work with his patients to create effective comprehensive care. What he loves most about Dentistry is being able to see both immediate results and the more long term benefits of helping someone improve their oral health.

    Growing up, Dr. Marin was very active in a variety of sports, particularly track and field. He was an active Decathlete in both High School and College and also performed in individual events including the 110 meter hurdles and high jump. Health and nutrition have always been a passion for him and he loves incorporating that knowledge into his work as a Dental practitioner.

    In April of 2009, Dr. Marin was introduced to Ariel and the two were married later that year. Very much a team, they decided to pursue careers together within the Dental field—Dr. Marin as a Dentist and Ariel as a Dental Assistant. While he was a student, Ariel worked at the school and was even able to assist him on his Dental Board exam! During his final year, they welcomed their first child—a little girl named Jubilee. More recently, they became a family of four with the arrival of their son, Bremer. It would also be remiss not to mention their kitty cat, Riesling, who is the friendliest cat in the world.

    Passionate for how the field of dentistry is constantly advancing, Dr. Marin pursues continuing education in a variety of subjects that pertain to the field in order to offer his patients the best options for treatment. For fun, Dr. Marin loves spending time with his family and friends, watching movies, and exercising. As a bit of a self-described nerd, he also enjoys building computers and playing video games.

    Dr. Marin is thrilled to be your Greeley Dentist as part of the fantastic team at Greeley Dental Care!

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