Patients have replaced missing teeth using dentures for centuries. Today’s modern improvements make comfort and appearance top priorities, but finding a good fit can still pose a challenge. Dr. Taher Dhoon has the education and experience necessary to produce a positive denture experience for our patients. His knowledge regarding the function of your jaw joints, your occlusion (the way your teeth come together), and the relationship between your bone and the fit of your dentures means that even the toughest cases can have great results.

No matter what challenges you currently experience with your oral health, Dr. Dhoon’s commitment to providing outstanding dentistry at a fair price will allow you to choose the treatment that supports your oral health and your quality of life so that you enjoy each day to the fullest!


If you still have remaining teeth, keeping them healthy and protecting your gums is essential. We can use your natural teeth as an anchor to secure a partial denture in place. Of course, the success of your partial denture relies on maintaining the health of your natural teeth and avoiding dental conditions like gum disease.

We support our denture patients by providing the preventive dentistry necessary to maintain bone levels and keep your dentures stable.

Complete dentures replace teeth for patients who have no teeth on their upper or lower arch. For some people, the words “complete dentures” may conjure images of elderly adults wearing boxy fake-looking teeth that don’t look natural. You will be happy to know that advancements in materials, laboratory practices, and design allow patients to have completely natural-looking dentures.


Some of the details that determine whether dentures will work for you include:


If you are a patient who wants the security of dental implants combined with the affordability of dentures, talk to us! We offer an excellent solution.

Implant-retained dentures rely on several (anywhere from 2 to 6) dental implants per arch to lock your denture in place. While you can remove your denture to clean it and allow for maintenance such as adjustments or relines, your denture will remain locked in place until you release it.

With implant-retained dentures, you never have to worry about your denture falling, shifting, or creating embarrassing situations when you are out eating and laughing at social events. This gives our patients the confidence needed to stay active socially and enjoy eating the foods they love.

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