Here are our codes and fees.

At Greeley Dental Care, we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing.

We charge a fair price for our services and do not promote or offer “cheap dental cleanings and exams” in order to up-sell you into unnecessary procedures. Greeley Dental Care is a safe space where you will never be up-sold.

For those of you with insurance, please note that fees will vary based on your specific PPO plan. We recommend checking your coverage with your benefits administrator or providing us with your insurance information so that we may check on your specific plan. Greeley Dental Care does not represent your insurance carrier nor can we promise that they will cover all procedures.

We are also aware that many folks have lost access to their dental insurance due to COVID-19. If you fall under this category, we have our Dental Care Club for more info click here.

Fees are subject to change.

Office Fees / Codes

Comprehensive Exam


(Includes a complimentary CBCT, 3D imagery)

$0 – $197
certain PPO plans may cover 100%

Emergency Visit

D0140, D0220

(Includes a complimentary CBCT, 3D imagery)

$0- $138

Root Canals

D3310, D3320 D3330 D3340

$729 – $1650

Porcelain / Zirconia Crowns


certain PPO plans may cover up to 50%


Invisalign Clear Aligners and Brackets

$3,999 – $5,995
certain PPO plans may cover up to 50%

Teeth Whitening

$75 Take Home / $880 In Office

Prophy Cleaning

D1110, D4346

$0 – $198
Certain PPO plans may cover up to 100%.

Deep Cleaning (SRP)


$198- $1840
Certain PPO plans may cover up to 100%.
laser for bacterial reduction $75 per quad

Posterior Composite (white) Fillings

D2391, D2392, D2392, D2394, D1351

$85- $490
Certain PPO plans may cover up to 80%

Anterior Composite (white) Fillings

D2330, D2331, D2332, D2335, D1351

$85- $490
Certain PPO plans may cover up to 80%

Oral Sedation

$300 – $500
This may be covered by insurance

Cold Sore Treatment - Laser

$0- $93
per session

Tooth Extractions

D7140, D7210, D7220, D7230, D7240

$132 – $768

Dental Implants

D6010 / D6057 / D6058

$1825 – $4600
certain PPO’s may have implant benefits, check with your plan includes CT scan, implant, healing abutment, and crown

Fixed Full Arch of Teeth Dental Implants

$15,000 – $30,000
per arch

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