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Know Your Baby’s Teeth With These 5 Fun Facts!

We love little pearly whites. Who doesn’t, though? Baby teeth are beautiful! After all, they help them to chew, talk and smile, of course. We are dental specialists in Greeley CO, and so we felt we should share some fun and fascinating facts about the teeth of your children that you might not have learnt before.

In addition to giving you something special for your next trivia night, you can also give these fun facts to your kids. The more educated children are, the more motivated they are to look after them, like teeth and gums. Okay, here are 7 fun facts about teeth without further ado:

Tooth enamel is the toughest material in the human body!

The smooth, white stuff, known as enamel, covering the teeth, are much stronger than bone. Yes, this superheroic material has the largest proportion of any tissue minerals in the body and it hits an astounding 96%. Hydroxyapatite or crystalline calcium phosphate is the primary mineral. However, as strong as teeth are, they can not repair themselves unlike other tissues in the body, which is why it is so necessary to take exceptional care for your baby’s teeth!

Speaking of power, when they bite down,kids can exert an average of 200 pounds of pressure.

With all this power, many children (and adults!) can’t be shocked to use their teeth to open things up, or to chew on super hard stuff like ice cubes or plumes. Nonetheless, these are two of the worst teeth habits which can lead to chipping or cracking, filling loss, and enamel degradation. When they use the teeth as a tool or keep things in their mouth while hands are full, this too can cause teeth harm or even worse, cause your child to swallow an object accidentally.

About 20 of the primary teeth of a baby are already at birth in their jaw.

Baby teeth hide under their gums before they have the chance to erupt. The first tooth usually occurs between six and ten months and the last primary teeth usually occur before the third birthday. And you thought your little one was born toothless?!

Just 20 baby teeth and up to 32 permanent teeth.

Yup. It is one of the dental facts people still don’t know, but when permanent teeth come out, we get a few more. The first permanent molars erupt when your kid is aged six to seven. They come out without substituting a baby tooth. The same applies to the second permanent molars, which most children get at the age of 12 or 13. Your child will have 28 teeth at that stage. The last permanent teeth that break are the wisdom teeth that not all have. It is usually during late teenage years or early adulthood that they come in.

Teeth are as unique as fingerprints

Were you conscious that the same twins don’t have the exact same set of teeth? Your teeth are one of a kind entirely. You know what’s also unique? Tongue print. No two tongues or teeth are alike.

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