In-office Teeth Whitening

Why should you choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening can be done in a dental clinic as well as in the comfort of your homes. With time our teeth get stained and discolored. To maintain that beautiful smile you need to resort to teeth whitening services. With the advancements of cosmetic dentistry, it has been possible for dentists to whiten your teeth in a safe and controlled environment. Additionally, professional bleaching has been known to guarantee better results as compared to over-the-counter products. 

Benefits of In-Office-Whitening Treatment

Given below are some benefits of a professional teeth whitening treatment. We at Greeley Dental Care hope that you give it a read to understand why this is a more preferable option than in-house-bleaching. Does your traditional baking soda work better than professional whitening? Let us find out.

Effective Whitening

Whitening strips and one size fits all trays are only for mild discoloration and don’t always work for everyone. Don’t you prefer a professional teeth cleaning session along with your regular oral routine? Well, an in-office bleaching treatment will provide you with whiter and long-lasting outcomes. To address serious discoloration issues you must opt for a professional teeth whitening service and let your smile shine brightly.

Safe and Secure Procedure

People are often plagued with the thought of the safety of teeth whitening. Well, certain whitening products used at home can severely damage your gum tissue and result in gum disease. A professional whitening service, on the other hand, will be safer and comfortable. The amount of the whitening agent used can be regulated according to the condition of your teeth. The dentist will also cover your gums so that the product doesn’t spill over and cause any irreversible damage. After the procedure, the dentist will also give you certain after-care tips and guide you on how to protect your teeth better for the next couple of days after the treatment.

Speed and Convenience

You will leave the dental clinic with a shiny, bright smile in just a matter of an hour. Yes, professional teeth whitening treatments take only one appointment. You can now ditch those store-bought whitening kits which require repeated applications. In-office-whitening services guarantee you the best results. You do not have to keep waiting for weeks, repeatedly apply the whitening products, and only get moderate whitening in the end. A professional whitening requires no effort and time of yours and is practically effortless on your part. This is what makes an in-office-whitening all the more convenient. 

Treatment According To Your Preference

Store-bought bleaching products and kits have a one size fit all approach. You cannot customize them according to your needs and desires. However, a professional teeth whitening service can tweak the procedure and offer flexibility. In the areas where you need more whitening, more bleaching products can be applied. Over-the-counter kits do not provide this kind of control and customization.

Economical in the Long Run

Professional teeth whitening tends to be costlier than your store-bought whitening goodies. This is why people love their DIY teeth whitening hacks. However, it is a one-time investment and you get top-quality results for the money you pay. For whitening your teeth at home, you need to buy the products multiple times before you achieve your desired results. Therefore, in the long run, the financial benefits associated with in-office- whitening are many.

We hope you understand how important it is to visit a dental professional for a whitening treatment. If you live in Greeley, CO then feel free to walk through our doors and choose from our wide range of cosmetic dentistry.