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5 Ways in Which You Can Prevent Cavities

Dental cavities are tiny holes that develop on the surface of your teeth as bacteria release acids on them, damaging the surface and enamel of the tooth. The causes of cavities such as a dry mouth, excessive snacking on sugary foods and beverages and poor dental hygiene among other risk factors.

When a cavity grows to a certain stage, without a visit to the dentist, it can not be repaired. There are therefore ways to avoid cavities from developing when they are small before they develop, or even to stop them altogether.

Five ways to prevent or mitigate this cavity risk are discussed here.

#1 Brushing with fluoride-containing toothpastes

Fluoride helps your teeth’s enamel remain solid so it can withstand the acid that bacteria create in your mouth. Toothpastes containing fluoride may help to avoid cavities.

#2 Routine daily oral hygiene

Brushing twice and daily flossing will help to keep your teeth and gums safe. Flossing helps remove bacteria and removes areas which can not be reached by your toothbrush. Before going to sleep it is necessary to clean your teeth so that bacteria have no chance of harming your teeth.

#3 Put an and the consumption of sugary food

Getting a healthy and well-balanced diet will improve your overall oral health. Limiting sugary foods and drinks can help to reduce the chances of cavity growth. If you have sticky foods, consider brushing your teeth immediately afterwards to remove any traces on your teeth that could lead to rotting of the tooth.

#4 Sealants

For individuals with a high risk of decay, dental sealants are applied on the deep grooves of teeth. By doing so, it will reduce future chances of decay by turning the deep grooves that trap food into a smooth, shallow surface that will not hold plaque.

#5 Routine trips to dentists

Regular dental visits and dental examinations are important to preserving oral health. Routine dental cleanings will allow your dentist to assess your gums and teeth safety.

We will help prevent cavities from developing and ensure that your oral hygiene routine is effective for you at home. For that, choose a dentist whom you’ll trust in the long run. Get the best dentist in Greeley CO for your cavity prevention or treatment.