Why should I consider using implants to retain my dentures?


Dentures are a necessity for many people. The truth is that when you lose teeth, the bone in the area where the missing teeth once were will start to dissolve. When there are no active forces on teeth anchored in the jaw bone, the bone resorbs and goes from healthy and strong to weak and stick thin. Dental implants act as false roots in the jaw and with the chewing forces sustained by the implants during chewing, the bone will stay stronger and healthier. Many people do well with upper dentures due to the arch and palate being like a suction cup although that suction will decrease over time due to bone loss. Where most people experience trouble is with the lower denture that has to contend with the tongue and no suction. It basically has to sit on the ridge of the lower jaw. If there are no implants, that lower ridge recedes more and more as time progresses and can eventually become flat. It can be difficult to chew when there isn’t enough of the ridge left to properly retain a denture. Implants can help to avoid these problems.

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