How do you treat patients who are afraid of the dentist?


Having a fear of the dentist is a very real obstacle for many people. Our friendly team, gentle and skilled dentist, and compassionate approach to dental care often put even the most fearful patients at ease, however.

Our team communicates well and makes sure that every person who comes through our door knows how important they are to us. Our patients are the heart of our practice and giving you personalized and comfortable dentistry that helps you stay healthy is our mission.

Sometimes, however, that is just not enough, and anxious patients need something to help them relax so that fear does not stand between them and their dental treatment.

We offer oral sedation dentistry to make getting the dentistry you need a stress-free experience. Oral sedation dentistry is mild enough that it is safe for most patients but strong enough that you will have a completely relaxed experienced with very little memory of your treatment.

We use a pulse oximeter and automatic blood pressure cuff to monitor your oxygen, pulse, and blood pressure throughout your treatment, ensuring a safe appointment with great results.

Dentistry does not have to be stressful. We are here to provide solutions that give you a positive dental experience.

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