teeth whitening at home

DIY Teeth Whitening Hacks That Actually Work

No-one likes bad teeth. It’s not only about you but about your personality as a whole. In fact, it’s a dead health and hygiene giveaway. Many factors affect teeth: smoking, eating and drinking, and so on, but if you don’t often clean them, the stains become long-term and unattractive.

From dental appointments to different products and treatments, both have their benefits but often come with high costs and often even pain.

But, if you’re not blessed with naturally white teeth, have polluted them to a yellow appeal and want to blanch them with something fast and simple, we’ve put together a few DIY teeth whitening hacks that work. Such shortcuts serve as strong runner-ups for professional whitening procedures and will help to brighten your smile. Because after all, “Teeth are trendy,” as Dr. Taher Dhoon claims, and we agree with that totally!

What you need to consider before starting off

Make sure you take good care of your teeth before trying out these techniques and include routine brushing for these approaches to work. Don’t simultaneously try all the hacks; try one and if it helps you, stick to it.

If your teeth are in bad or too sensitive condition, consult your dentist before trying such natural remedies.

Oil pulling

Besides being a miracle worker for our hair and body, coconut oil is amazing for natural teeth whitening too. Have you ever heard of oil pulling? It means putting a spoonful of coconut oil into your clean mouth and swishing it for five or even 20 minutes!

Oil-pulling increases the health of the gums prevents poor breath and even removes harmful bacteria. Put it another way, it is perfect for oral hygiene. Nevertheless, if you feel like oil-swishing isn’t for you, use your toothbrush with coconut oil and brush your teeth to get whiter teeth.

This technique is not a hazard to your teeth’s enamel. Instead, it’s good at prolonging its strength.

Milk powder

The more calcium your teeth intake, the whiter and healthier they’ll become. Tooth enamel consists of calcium, so you need to eat more dairy foods to keep them in good shape. Nonetheless, if you have removed milk from your diet due to going vegan or other health-related purposes, consider whitening your teeth with milk powder.

Yeah, you have heard us. Blend your toothpaste with a small amount of milk powder (not a whitener) and brush your teeth to spruce your pearly whites. Perform this 2 days a week!

Turmeric powder

The antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric are amazingly helpful for your overall health. Turmeric has scientifically proven health benefits. Beyond that, it does do well for teeth whitening, too. Make a paste using a mix of water and turmeric powder. Clean your teeth with the paste for two minutes. Rinse the turmeric; it will leave a mark, so just use your toothpaste for another brush.

It will effectively make the coffee/tea stains whiten and lighten. This is also perfect for natural dental treatment, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. Do this three days a week, to enhance the teeth’s whiteness.

Who says that teeth whitening has to be expensive? Although these results would never match that of professional teeth whitening, these might be your best go-to option amid your COVID-19 quarantine! In the future, if you do consider teeth whitening, click here to get the best teeth whitening dentist near you in Greeley CO.