Dental Insurance – Use it or Lose it

We often face questions related to dental insurances, its benefits and if it is wise to get one. The reason is pretty much understandable as getting dental insurance means investment of a notable amount of money every year.  If you have similar hesitations about committing to a dental insurance company then going through this blog can be of definite help. This will also give you an idea about why you should not miss out on availing dental insurance benefits. 

Dental insurance is considered to be a must if you want to maintain your oral health. The sole reason behind it is the importance of regular visits to a dental clinic in order to keep your gums and teeth healthy. It might be surprising for you to know that dental work done under the supervision of trained professionals can be costly. Surveys say that nearly 40% of the people who ignore their oral issues and avoid visiting a dentist, do so as they don’t have dental insurances. But, always remember that keeping your dental problems at bay can turn out to be the poorest decision made in the long run and also lead to serious medical issues. Therefore, your effort to save a few dollars can ultimately pave the way of spending thousands. Here at Greeley Dental Care, Greeley, Co, we recommend all our patients to get dental insurance and shed all tension about maintaining a healthy dental life. To add on, getting insurance might also motivate you to go see a dentist every now and then.

Avail the most of Dental Insurance benefits

It has been seen that many people avoid scheduling appointments at the dental clinics even after having dental insurances. Are you one of them? If yes, then going through the pointers below will give you a clear idea about why it isn’t a good step to execute.

  • Dental insurance is supposed to cover a major portion of the money spent for your dental work within a year. Now, if you do not get any dental work done, the benefits remain unavailed and don’t roll over to the next year. This means that the money paid by you to the insurance company will go in vain.
  • In most of the cases, you are supposed to pay first at the dental office and then get reimbursed by the insurance company. Also remember that the money gets deducted even if you do nor avail the services offered.
  • There are dental insurance companies where the premiums are to be paid on a monthly basis. Have you ever thought about what good is the money spent if you are not availing the benefits. So, choose to not throw your money away and do visit the dental clinic for small thing cleaning sessions, regular check-ups etc. It is not like you have to wait for any serious problem to emerge. Several dental insurance companies nowadays cover 100% of the money spent in dental treatments. The sole reason behind this being these companies realize that preventive care of teeth can help you avoid any upcoming serious dental issues.
  • Another reason which should motivate you to avail the benefits offered by dental insurances is due to the rise of the fees every year. The amount of money to be paid for dental insurance can undergo a sudden hike and make it difficult for you to seek professional assistance.
  • As mentioned before, minor dental problems can make you face serious problems in the near future. So why will you wait for something worse to happen when it can be avoided by adopting a few preventive measures.


We hope that you might have now gained a clear understanding about why the title of the blog says “Dental Insurance – Use it or Lose it”. Keep these things in mind and utilize all the amenities when there is time.

If you are looking for a reliable dental clinic in or around Greeley, Co, get in touch with Greeley Dental Care. We offer excellent dental treatments and also lay special emphasis to make sure that you make the most of your dental insurance. Schedule your appointment today. Thank you.