Oral Health Care, Pediatric Dentist   •   April 18, 2020

Know Your Baby’s Teeth With These 5 Fun Facts!

We love little pearly whites. Who doesn’t, though? Baby teeth are beautiful! After all, they help them to chew, talk and smile, of course. We are dental specialists in Greeley CO, and so we felt we should share some fun and fascinating facts about the teeth of your children that you might not have learnt […]

Oral Health Care   •   October 2, 2019


Dr. Dhoon & Dr. Briskie at our Greeley Dental Care practice aren’t just concerned with the health of your teeth. We believe in helping to keep your entire body, including your brain, as healthy as possible! Researchers have discovered that the bacteria causing gingivitis can move from the mouth to the brain where the harmful […]

Oral Health Care   •   September 25, 2019


In a recent Greeley Dental Care Blog post, we discussed cleaning between your teeth using a jet of water vs. string dental floss. In this discussion, we will compare floss vs. water vs. AIR! Yes…Air! If you compare air flossing vs. water flossing, you’ll find that both of these tools are flossers.  Both clean around and […]

Oral Health Care   •   September 18, 2019


In 1962, someone thought that forcing water between your teeth as part of home care might be a good thing. The hope was that pulses of water directed between your teeth would be more likable than using dental floss (which most patients are loath to do daily!) to remove food and plaque buildup. Plaque is a sticky […]