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What Are The Benefits Of Dentures?

A particular branch of dentistry, which is restorative dentistry, has become very popular in the world of dentistry. Under restorative dentistry, there is prosthetic dentistry or prosthodontics that have the capability of providing long-term solutions for problems like missing or lost teeth. The procedures that are mostly used in prosthodontics are cosmetic dentistry, teeth replacements, and dental implants that are used to correct various kinds of conditions related to teeth and oral tissues. The consistent rise of periodontal diseases among the young and old has resulted in the high demand for dental treatments like Dentures. However, there are certain factors that make a person suitable for procedures like dentures. 

What Are Dentures?

In simple terms, dentures can be defined as false teeth or prosthetic teeth. They are designed and manufactured according to the shape and size of the patient’s teeth, to replace decayed and missing teeth. They are usually made of different kinds of materials like ceramic, plastic, acrylic, and even metal. This dental product is meant to fit cozily into the oral cavity and it is kept into place by the hard and soft tissues around them. This treatment is best suited for people who have lost their teeth and want to avoid other expensive and uncomfortable traditional treatment options. This is a removable dental product but there are also denture implants that are unremovable.

There are two types of dentures which are partial and dentures. Partial dentures are a type of dentures that prevent the moving of your regular teeth. They keep them in one place. Full Dentures are usually for aged people who have to remove or lost all their teeth. A person can also have a single or multi-tooth denture which is for more than one tooth. 

The Benefits of Dentures

It is a known fact that dentures are proven as one of the most affordable methods of replacing damaged or missing teeth. It is always recommended to rely on a capable dentist near you, because if the dentures are not fitted properly, it may cause unpleasantness and discomfort at the time of talking and eating. There are different types of dentures and each has its own advantages. Therefore, let us take a look at the benefits of choosing dentures over other dental replacement options:

  • Dentures require shorter surgery and fast recovery rates compared to other conventional options.
  • It also delivers a strong biting force and even distribution.
  • Patients who have opted for permanent dentures can eat all kinds of food and speak freely.
  • They tend to be more durable and sturdy.
  • Both removable and permanent dentures are very easy to maintain.
  • It provides a lot of support to facial features that give the patients a natural and youthful look.


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