Can Invisalign Improve Your Confidence?

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Cosmetic dentistry can do many things – the right procedure can make your teeth brighter, cover up chips and cracks, and restore a smile affected by wear and tear. At our Greeley, CO dental office, we also offer cosmetic improvements by addressing issues with poor dental alignment! In fact, we can even correct these flaws discreetly, with removable Invisalign aligners. These clear aligner systems provide patients with a discreet, comfortable, and realistic solution for straightening their teeth. It works best for older teens and adult patients who feel that traditional orthodontics might not be a good fit. In addition to improving your smile, Invisalign aligners can correct issues with your bite alignment, which also benefits your oral health.

Crooked Teeth Can Cause Embarrassment

Did you know that your oral health is dependent on having a healthy, comfortable bite?  In fact, a straight smile is actually better for your oral health and promotes the proper function of your teeth and jaws. Crooked, crowded, gapped, overlapping or protruding teeth as well as bit problems such as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite, can have significant consequences for your confidence as well as your oral health. Many people with bite and alignment issues feel embarrassed about the appearance of their smile, and that embarrassment may prevent them from smiling as much as they’d like.

What To Expect From Your Invisalign Treatment

With Invisalign aligners, you’ll avoid the frustrating issues of metal braces. For example, while metal braces are certainly conspicuous, your aligners are made with a clear plastic material that makes them virtually invisible. You can also remove these when you eat and clean your teeth. And you’ll avoid the irritated gum tissue that often accompanies traditional orthodontics because Invisalign aligner trays are smooth and comfortable, eliminating rough edges and uncomfortable adjustment appointments.

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Families in Greeley, CO and the surrounding areas can count on superior oral care from Greeley Dental Care! Our practice offers many services including Invisalign to improve your smile and your confidence.  To schedule an appointment click to contact our office in Greeley, CO or call 970-373-5012

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