Facing Dental Anxieties

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Facing Dental anxieties - Greeley Dental Care

Facing Dental Anxieties

Are you scared of going to the dentist? Perhaps your children have similar fears too; dental anxiety is very common and curable at the same time. A lot of people go through this state even after having a good experience because anxiety itself is a fear about what may happen next. The process all starts with knowing and accepting that you have to consult a dentist.

Frequent dental worries and anxiety:

  • Needle and injections: individuals are scared just by the thought of needles, let alone injecting them in their gums.
  • The drill: drilling may sound intolerable and many people dislike the vibrations too that comes with it.
  • Self-conscious about mouth: some people fear to show their teeth due to poor dental hygiene, bad breath or even crowded teeth.
  • Sedation fear: some might not be comfortable getting sedated or the after effects of it.

Choosing a Dentist

Dr. Taher Dhoon from Greeley Dental Care explains that facing dental anxiety can be hard, thus requires a professional who understands your fears and respects your concerns. If they cannot be empathetic towards listening, then it’s likely they won’t be during your treatment either. Your family and friends can be of great use, ask them for their suggestions or even research online. You may even like the process of natural dentistry, where dentist relies mostly on traditional therapeutic techniques. This possibly will help you relax and get comfortable.  

As crucial as it is for an adult to be comfortable, the same goes for children too. If they are anxious about dental checkups then provide them, a pediatric dentist. Your kids require equal attention and care; even baby teeth can decay-causing grievous pain to the child.

The worst thing one can do is pick a random dentist and expect them to be the best. Try to speak up to your Greeley dentist if you think he has potential, get different opinions and see if you are comfortable enough with the procedure. Your comfort zone matters a lot; if you aren’t ready mentally it may make the process hard. To find a dentist whom you are satisfied with. We now get into the top 5 dental anxieties and how dentists can help alleviate them.

Anxiety #1 – Fear of Needles

We asked our friend, Dr. Kenny Oswald, a dentist in Baton Rouge, LA, about dental anxieties. Dr. Oswald says fear of needles is one of the most common dental anxieties. He says the fear of needles applies for all patients, nearly every 1 out 5 people fear needles or consulting medical help. You must talk to your Greeley dentist about such fears, you and your Greeley dentist both need to accept your fears so that they can guide and help you accordingly. Remember it’s the dentist’s job to satisfy their patients, they are used to these anxieties hence have better hold of it.

Dentists usually make the process easy by applying numbing gel primarily to the injection. This helps patients not to feel a thing. You can ask your Greeley dentist about such gels or painless needles to make the treatment easy and trouble-free.

Anxiety #2 – The Drill

Some patients may be triggered by the sound of a drill; they are anesthetized pre drill yet some still fear them. You might feel slight pressure and vibration but no pain. Still, if the sound bothers you too much then plug in earphones and divert your mind with some quality music.

Anxiety #3 – Pain

If you’ve had a bad dental past this may create a hindrance for upcoming dental issues. But remember many factors must be taken into account when it comes to dental pain. Dental advancements are at a boom and anesthetics and numbing gels are now used profusely. So pain is now limited and will not be the same as your past experience. Remember when you are fearful you tend to over think and tense up the process enhancing the pain, so learn to control it.

Ways to control:    

  • Supplement it with things that relax your mind
  • Deep breathing exercise
  • The dentist you are comfortable with
  • Numbing gels

Anxiety #4 – Embarrassment about Bad Teeth

Dentists deal with bad teeth every day. There is a high chance they have treated cases worse than yours. So relax, rather than sitting at home and waiting for your teeth to completely damage seek help and fix as much as possible. By communicating with your Greeley dentist about your embarrassment, you can help them break the ice thus making the visit more pleasurable for both.  

Anxiety #5 – Sedation Fears

Fear concerning sedation fall into 2 categories, some might dislike being awake and aware of the pain. They might think that sedation won’t work and they will still feel the pain. Others may fear losing control after being numb. Consequently, fear of suffocation, choking or incapable of swallowing. Keep in mind when you are sedated, you don’t feel your gums or specific area but that is due to loss of sensation not the loss of function. The area is temporarily sensation-free, however, will work as efficiently as it was like before.

How to Overcome Dental Anxieties and Suspicions

  1. Identify your fear, this will help you derive a solution after that.
  2. Make sure you choose the right dentist to help you overcome your fears.
  3. Take someone with you that’ll comfort you.
  4. Ask for sedation if you think it’ll be of great help.
  5. Take deep breaths this will help you calm yourself and reduce anxiety.

These fears or anxieties may have an impact on your life specifically your oral and overall health. If your fears are untreated you may never seek important medical help or treatments when necessary. If your fear is going out of control, it’s totally fine to seek a therapist. It will help you train your mind and be in a better state.

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