Why Oral Cancer Screenings Are Important

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why oral cancer screenings are important - Greeley Dental Care

Why Oral Cancer Screenings Are Important

Prognosis of any type of cancer is hard to accept because everyone knows how life threatening it is. However, what people tend to overlook early testing for early diagnosis is made. You may wonder what early diagnosis is for oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are done to detect any sort of cancer cells that may arise. Normal routine checkups also help detect them, however, oral screening and further exams to get an in-depth look and biopsies are done to make the prognosis effective and efficient. The treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy, and so on.

In order to catch cancer on time, Dr. Robert Marin from Greeley Dental Care explains the indicators to look out for.

Signs of Oral Cancer

Mouth cancer can develop anywhere in your mouth including the throat, glands, lips, tongues and more. Dentists do check for early symptoms, however, you should inform them if you face any of the indicators listed below:

  • Mouth sores
  • Abnormal swelling could be seen in form lumps, thick patches
  • White cuts or redness on lips or in mouth
  • Irritation in throat and pain
  • Dentures causing discomfort because of swelling
  • Numbness around mouth
  • Hard to swallow, chew and speak
  • A persistent soar throat lasting for over a week
  • Teeth loss
  • Mass growth anywhere in the mouth
  • Dramatic weight loss

What triggers Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer grows in the tissues of the mouth or throat. This type of cancer belongs to a larger group of head and neck cancer. It usually develops in the cells known as squamous, found in your tongue, lips, and mouth.

The root cause behind cancer isn’t completely known, however, certain habits can increase the chances of it such as excessive smoking, drinking, and unbalanced diet. Tobacco and alcohol both are top substance abuse that is linked to cancer. A high amount of tobacco is found not just in cigarettes but cigars, vapes, hookah, and e-cigs. Irrespective of age these substances affect an individual’s oral health.

Additionally, genetics can also play a role. Some people stay away from substance abuse yet get cancer mainly because it is inherited from family.

We asked our friend, Dr. Farhat, a dentist in Sterling Heights, MI, about oral cancer. Dr. Farhat says that many people over 40 years who lack a healthy diet may be more prone to cancer. Dr. Farhat recommends a well-balanced diet and excellent oral hygiene habits. Similarly, fruits and vegetables have a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and fighting toxins making the immune system stronger. Nevertheless, if a person has a very low intake of such supplements it’ll be a high-risk factor.

On the other hand, oral examinations help to determine cancer and nowadays the diagnosis is not as difficult to achieve. The examinations are just like normal daily checkups but a bit more detailed such as your dentist might check your palpitations, jaw, examine tongue and its movements, and face.

Tests such as x-rays, CT scan, PET scan, MRI and endoscopy are performed later depending on the severity of patient’s cancer.

  • X-rays help in determining how far the cancer cells have spread
  • CT scan further detects tumors elsewhere in the body
  • PET scan reveals whether cancer has gone towards lymph nodes or any other organs
  • MRI shows precise images head to neck and type of cancer lastly an endoscopy examines throat deeply including trachea.

If you visit your dentist daily for cleaning or oral cancer screening it will make it easier for them to come across dental problems including oral cancer. Which is why regular dental checkups are important.

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