When Should My Child Start Seeing a Dentist?

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When Should My Child Start Seeing a Dentist?

From the moment their child is born, parents have numerous questions that rush to their heads. Wondering “when should my child start seeing a dentist?” is probably one that starts as soon as the first tooth sprouts.

There is a general rule when your child should first see the dentist. It isn’t important to visit the dentist as soon as their teeth erupt. It is recommended you go five to six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Taking your child to the dentist from an early age is very important for their oral health. It also allows them to become accustomed to the dentist so visits, later on, aren’t too much of a hassle.

Why Should My Child Start Seeing a Dentist at an Early Age?

Oral problems can occur at any age once teeth start to come out. Seeing a dentist will ensure that your child has a good oral regime. Problems like tooth decay don’t wait around until a certain age to occur, it can happen at any time. So the dentist can make sure your child is free from such issues.

Preparing Your Child for Their First Visit

Your approach to preparing your child depends on the age of the child. For younger kids, you can build excitement around the visit. You can even offer an incentive for them to cooperate during the visit. Maybe offer to take them to the park after or dare we say eat ice cream?

It is easier to talk to a child 5 and above about visits to the dentist. They can better comprehend what will happen. But then again 5 is probably too late to be having the first visit for your child to the dentist. If this is the case, don’t wait any longer to visit a pediatric dentist.

What Usually Happens in the First Visit?

The first visit to the dentist is usually an introduction for the dentist to your child and vice versa. Most children are typically frightened of the dentist, if your child is not cooperative the dentist may suggest taking them home. They wouldn’t want the relationship to start on the wrong foot and the child associate their practice with the feeling of uneasiness. We asked our friend, Dr. Matt Laurich, a pediatric dentist in Livonia, MI, about a child’s first dental visit. Dr. Laurich says that a child’s experience at the dentist can stay with them for the rest of their lives, ultimately affecting the future of their oral health.

Once the child is calm the dentist usually:

  • Examines the mouth of the child the teeth, jaw, gums, and tissues to see their development and if there are any issues.
  • They may perform gentle cleaning of the teeth, removing any plaque or buildup.
  • X-rays of the mouth are taken.
  • They will demonstrate for you, how to brush your child’s teeth properly.
  • Assess whether there is a need for fluoride or not.

If you have any questions for the dentist, now is the time to ask.

How Often Should My Child See the Dentist?

Dentist visits for children and adults are the same. Both should see a dentist every six months at a minimum. With children, if you want them to develop the habit of going to the dentist, you can take them every three months for the first year or two. This will get them accustomed to dentist visits from an early age.

Finding the right dentist is important. You want a practice that is kind and experienced so your child is in good hands. Greeley Dental Care in Colorado has a team of professional dentists and oral hygienist that will take care of both you and your child.

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