Types of Dental Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

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Types of Dental Emergencies You Should Never Ignore

Dental crisis can hit at times when you least expect them, such instance can be crucial and sternly painful and so if not treated efficiently can lead to serious complications.

What is Deemed as Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies occur in many ways, at times it gets hard to distinguish the necessity as one has been used to of sudden pain attacks, however, not paying heat to it will make it worse. Dr. Taher Dhoon from Greeley Dental Care highlights the basic guidelines of dental emergencies so that it’s easy for you to make a distinction when it’s time for professional help. Get in touch with an emergency dentist in Greenley, CO immediately if you face any of the following issues:

Splintered or Broken Tooth

Your teeth can crack or break from biting something too hard, distress, and decay. It could even rupture if you often grind your teeth. Either way, it may lead to rigorous pain if it reaches towards the roots of your teeth. In any such condition seek direct help an emergency dentist and get treated right away.

Harsh and nonstop Tooth Pain

Certain tooth pain which is very sharp and consistent must not be taken lightly. Greeley Dental Care proficient dentists go in-depth and cure the root cause. Many times a dental abscess or bacterial infection are too rigid. So, immediate root canal treatment or emergency tooth extraction is required (if your tooth is at a very vulnerable stage). Otherwise, the bacteria may spread rapidly towards your bloodstream causing more dangerous complications.

Knocked Out a tooth? (Avulsed Tooth)

We asked our friend, Dr. Cody Cowen, a dentist in Baton Rouge, LA about dental emergencies. Dr. Cowen says that a knocked out tooth happens a lot in sports. To avoid this, use custom mouthguards to protect you or your child’s teeth. If a permanent tooth is knocked out of your mouth, don’t let it be. Consult your emergency dentist immediately within an hour. If you keep that tooth in a container filled with little salt, milk or water and rush into Greeley Dental Care, you may be able to save your tooth. If your dentist is not able to fix it in time, then you may have to go for dental implant surgical treatment.

Lost a Tooth Filling?

Tooth fillings don’t last for long; they can loosen up due to years of chewing and pressure that exerts within that area. If a filling falls out, you will feel sensitivity to cold and hot temperature and also pressure while eating. Consult your dentist to prevent any further damage if you are suffering from chronic pain caused by the loss of a filling.

If Dental Crown Falls Out

If your original teeth beneath the crown start to decay, it can lead to dental crowns falling out.  If a large cavity forms under the crown it can cause your tooth to change, making the crown not fit properly. Therefore, if the crown falls out, store it in a container in a cool place and look out for emergency dentist instantly. They will either make use of it otherwise will get you another crown within the day.

NOTE: The information shared must ONLY be used as general guidelines NOT self-diagnosis. If you think you need emergency dental care in Greeley CO contact our dental office right away.

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