Waterpik vs. Flossing

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Waterpik vs. flossing - greeley dental care

Waterpik vs. Flossing

A healthy smile is more than just aesthetically appealing. It shows that the person flashing the smile cares about their oral health. Your oral health is also important to prevent bacteria, infections, tooth decay, and gum disease. What most people don’t know is that your oral health is linked to your overall health. Poor oral health has been linked to numerous other problems such as cardiovascular disease.

While most toothpaste commercials will have you believe brushing twice a day is enough for good oral health, you need to do more than that. Make sure that food particles and plaque between your teeth and gums are also cleaned out. You can achieve this through either flossing or using a Waterpik. But which of the two should you pick? We have the insights from Dr. Taher Dhoon from Greeley Dental Care to help you decide Waterpik vs. Flossing: The Pros and Cons


Waterpiks use water jets to provide a pressurized stream that helps knock out any bacteria, food particle or plaque under the gum line or between your teeth.

Waterpiks should be used by:

  • Individuals with braces
  • Individuals that have bridgework and crowns
  • Individuals with dental implants
  • Individuals with arthritis or those that have trouble maneuvering the dental floss

Benefits of Waterpiks:

  • Easily gets into hard to reach areas and tighter spaces between teeth
  • Minimum effort

Disadvantages of Waterpiks:

  • Costly
  • Pressure isn’t strong enough to get plaque out

Waterpiks are fairly easy to use as the machine does all the work. You just have to direct where the stream should flow. It makes reaching tightly-packed spaces between your teeth easier as the water stream can go through. Areas where you would not be able to squeeze a floss through. Be sure when you are using a Waterpik that you go about the process slowly. Make sure to get areas between the teeth and the lining of the gum.

We asked our friends, Dr. Cody Cowen, a dentist in Baton Rouge, LA, about this topic. Dr. Cowen says that while Waterpiks may be easy to use, they aren’t as efficient as flossing. You will find that most of the plaque will remain after use. You will need to target the plaque with floss and then use a Waterpik to rinse it out. They can also be heavy on your wallet.


The dental floss has been part of a healthy oral regimen since the 1800s. While the floss was initially made out of unwaxed silk since the 1940s nylon has been used to make floss. You can find different types of floss today include flavored floss.

Floss should be used by:

Anyone can use floss as long as they know how to use it properly.

Benefits of the floss:

  • Able to get the plaque and other stubborn material out
  • Gives you full control of what to target

Disadvantages of floss:

  • May cause gums to bleed
  • Hard to get through tight-spaced areas

Floss is a great way to clean between your teeth and the gum lining space. It allows you to apply as much force as needed to get plaque out before it forms into tarter. You have complete control of where you floss and how much force you apply so you can ensure your teeth and gums are completely clean.

There is a bit of caution that needs to be taken when using floss. When too much pressure is applied, you can jam the floss into your gum causing it to bleed. You may also have trouble fitting the floss between teeth that have little space between them.

In Conclusion

In order to maintain good oral health, you need to have a completely oral regimen that includes either flossing or the use of Waterpik. This will ensure that your mouth is completely clean. Be sure not to forget to pay your dentist in Greeley, CO visit every six months. This way you can get the proper guidelines and become aware of any problems that you may not be aware of with your oral health and care.

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