5 Surprising Signs of Sleep Apnea

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5 Surprising Signs of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that has been taking the US by storm. While the condition is typically common in those that are overweight, it is steadily on the rise amongst all, with an estimated 22 million Americans that suffer from it.

The earlier you can catch sleep apnea, the earlier it can be treated. So, Dr. Taher Dhoon says that if an individual shows the following 5 signs of sleep apnea, they should seek help.

#1 Signs of Sleep Apnea: Depression

Depression has a link to not sleeping well. The lack of sleep leads to a person developing a negative mood. There are many different signs of depression. It can result in an individual feeing the following:

  • Sad and low
  • Randomly cry for no apparent reason
  • Poor concentration
  • Lose interest in activities they once enjoyed or going out in general
  • The sense of failure becomes more prominent in individuals

If not treated depression can lead to serious issues. You can look into treating sleep apnea and depression at the same time. Doctors can suggest therapy prescribe medication such as anti-depressant to try and help with depression.

#2 Signs of Sleep Apnea: Teeth Grinding

We asked our friend, Dr. Ben Kacos, a dentist in Shreveport, LA, about common signs of sleep apnea. Dr. Kacos says that teeth grinding at night is a fairly common occurrence that happens. Teeth grinding is also referred to as bruxism. Dr. Kacos says the problem affects roughly 10% of the American population. It usually happens subconsciously while individuals sleep, it leads to the tightening of the airway with the jaw locked. This eventually leads to the lack of air into the system due to the mouth being shut completely.

Dr. Kacos says the issue also has an impact on your oral health as it leads to teeth damage. Also, it can result in headaches. He says your best bet to treat this problem is to seek help from a Greeley, CO dentist. Dr. Taher Dhoon can help treat teeth grinding and repair any damaged teeth.

#3 Signs of Sleep Apnea: Impotence

In men, sleep apnea can actually lead to impotence. Men that find it hard to maintain an erection may be experiencing sleep apnea. Cardiovascular issues are just one of many problems caused by sleep apnea. So, this can result in weaker blood flow throughout the body, making it hard for men to maintain an erection.

Sleep apnea also causes levels of oxygen to drop in the blood while they sleep. This can result in systemic inflammation in individuals that impact blood vessels directly. So sleep apnea’s impact on the blood flow can lead to impotence in men.

#4 Signs of Sleep Apnea: Nocturia

Nocturia is the scientific term for waking up to urinate at night. There are numerous different causes for nocturne from having excessive fluid before sleeping to prostate problems in men. But one overlooked cause of the problem is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes individuals to wake up throughout the night. As sleeps becomes fragmented, in short segments, anti-diuretic hormone, a hormone that prevents us from urinating in bed is prevented from releasing in the body. Due to which the individual has to go to the bathroom frequently throughout the night.

#5 Signs of Sleep Apnea: High Blood Pressure

We have already touched up lightly on the cardiovascular problems caused by sleep apnea. High blood pressure is a common sign of sleep apnea. This is a serious issue as it leads to hypertension which can cause a stroke or heart attack.

The lack of oxygen in the blood causes the heart rate to increase, leading to higher blood pressure. If an individual is seeking treatment for high blood pressure without much result, they should be tested for sleep apnea. There are treatments such as CPAP that can help reduce blood pressure.

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