Best Dental Floss

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Best Dental Floss

Best Dental Floss

Flossing is the forgotten art of tooth cleaning and oral hygiene. All of us know the importance of tooth brushing and are able to do so at least once a day. But almost everybody forgets to floss or they think the activity is too time-consuming and boring that they neglect it altogether.

While a toothbrush is your main weapon in fighting plaque and cavities, gum disease and dental decay, brushes are unable to reach those tricky areas between the teeth or under crowns, making these areas a playground for disease-causing bacteria. Even advanced designs and electric toothbrushes alone are unable to clean these areas effectively.

Hence the importance of flossing. Most people think that flossing means using the good ole’ fashioned string dental floss, but it’s the action that matters. Dentists in Greely, CO realize how that action could be irritating for most of you, so Dr. Taher Dhoon from Greeley Dental Care breaks down all the best dental flossing options so you can maintain good oral health:

Traditional String Floss

Old but gold. String floss is considered the gold standard when it comes to flossing, and probably the cheapest. You just cut off a piece of the string and roll it on your fingers, and simply pass it gently between the teeth and out again. Of course, there are multiple types, such as fine strings, thick tapes, waxed, unwaxed and flavored floss, all of which do the same thing but you could ask your dentist which is best for your particular case.

Floss Pick

The same idea as strings, only this time the task becomes a lot easier. The pick is designed to hold the floss for you, so you don’t need to roll it around your fingers. This makes it very easy to reach the areas in the back of the mouth, and for people with dexterity issues to use it simply.

Floss Threader

If you have trouble running a piece of string through the tiny opening of a sewing needle, then you know what trouble the patients with braces or dental crowns and bridges have when trying to floss. These structures are hard and immovable and you have to wrap the floss string around them carefully in order to efficiently clean them. Floss threaders make that job very easy, as the string is already loaded on the “needle.”

Interdental Toothbrush

An alternative is using floss threaders, it is the same as a toothpick, only it is made of fine hair bristles that do not damage the gums and teeth while in use.

Air Floss

As the name suggests, this device uses bursts of compressed air to push away plaque from between the teeth. It is small, not messy and utilizes a very simple point and click system that makes it easy enough for children to use. The design is also compact and cordless making the entire deal very simple, although not as effective as water floss as most studies would suggest.

Water Floss

Currently viewed as the most effective way of plaque removal and oral hygiene measure. Similar to the air floss, except it uses a constant stream of water to clean away plaque and debris. It is far more effective than any other means of flossing and can be used by all family members since most of them have interchangeable tips, but it is larger than air floss and has a hose connecting the device to the tip, which could be a bit of an issue for small spaces and non-agile users.

Greeley Dental Care believes that in the end, it’s the thought that counts. The main idea is the action of flossing so whichever flossing technique you choose, just make sure to do it daily.

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